My First Feelings Chart


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Dealing in Feelings emotions cards are perfect for helping children identify expressions and talk about feelings.

  • Full colour photographs of children's facial expressions. 

  • 26 emotions in each pack 

  • Two sets of cards included so Dealing in Feelings can be used to play fun card games such as Memory and  Go Fish

  • Contains 55 cards, therapy games ideas and Therapist guide

  • Printed in Australia on quality 300 gsm card stock 

Feelings and Me introduces young children to the inner world of emotions.


Beautifully illustrated with photographs featuring an array of expressive animals children will learn how different feelings look and feel.

Softcover laminated and printed in Australia.

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Out Now !

My First Feelings Chart features the first 12 emotions that are readily understood by very young children. 

Featuring vibrant and appealing animals that will appeal to young children

  A fun and entertaining way to teach emotional literacy. 

A3 size and laminated.

Printed in Australia

My First Feelings Chart therapy

These cards are very good. My 6 year old grandson could identify all of them. Having photos of children is a great idea as  children can relate easily to others expressions. I highly recommend them.


I just LOVE this book and the cards. I am using them so much in my OT sessions, and parents and educators keep asking me where I got them. Thank you, just the best!

Natalie NSW

Thank you for your book. I have read it several times to my little boy who is on the spectrum. He finds it hard to read emotions. He loves your book and is really getting into the animal's feelings. Thank you for writing such a helpful book

Kathy B

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