Dealing in Feelings cards

A fun and engaging way to help kids learn about emotions


Essential to children's emotional and social development is their ability to recognise feelings in themselves and others.  Just as important, is how they express feelings and learn to cope when feelings become overwhelming.


Dealing in Feelings emotions cards are perfect for children who have difficulty recognising facial expressions, naming feelings or talking about and coping with their emotions.


This engaging card set includes two sets of 26 different emotions on full-colour photo cards. The use of photographs of the human face, rather than drawings or emoticons is an intentional feature of the Dealings in Feelings card design.


The ability to recognise human faces commences very early in a child's life. By the time babies are a few minutes old, they prefer to look at a human face rather than an object. As children grow, their ability to recognise emotions improves. Happy and sad are recognised accurately very early by children, but other emotions take longer to be identified. 


Research has shown that for some children with developmental disabilities like autism spectrum disorder or children who have had adverse early life experiences, the ability to recognise facial expressions and feelings in others is harder for them or it can take longer to develop. When children struggle to recognise other people's emotions, this can impede their social skills.


However, the exciting news is that research has also shown that the ability to recognise emotions in others can improve through practice.


Dealing in Feelings cards depict a diverse range of children each with different facial expressions. The pack comes with an Emotions Word Key card as well as ideas for therapeutic and fun card games. Each card has a matched pair which makes it easy to play kids card games such as Memory and Go Fish.

Psychologists, counsellors, speech pathologists and OT's will find Dealing in Feelings an invaluable addition to their therapy tool kit. Teachers will find it ideal for social and emotional learning and parents will find Dealing in Feelings cards are a great way to develop their child's emotional and social skills.



  • Ideal therapeutic resource designed to help children recognise and talk about their emotions

  • Engaging full-colour photo cards on quality 330gsm card stock

  • Features 26 different emotions depicted by children from diverse backgrounds

  • Perfect therapeutic resource for children with developmental disabilities such as autism, intellectual disability or ADHD

  • Two pairs of cards included for fun card games such as Memory and Go Fish

  • Larger than the regular playing card size

  • Developed by an Educational and Developmental Psychologist

  • Printed in Australia using environmentally responsible printing   








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