Welcome to Little Seeds Therapy. My name is Julie Dini and I am an Educational and Developmental Psychologist from Adelaide, South Australia.


I have been working as a psychologist for over 25 years, providing assessment and therapy for a wide range of childhood issues.


I know how important it is for children to develop the ability to understand and express their feelings. However,  managing feelings is not always easy and it can be especially challenging for children with disabilities such as autism, intellectual disability or children who've had adverse childhood experiences.

I love working with children and I know there are many wonderful therapists, teachers and most importantly parents who do an amazing job every day helping kids cope with things like fears and worries,  making friends, fitting in and getting along. 

For many children, the special relationship they have with their therapist  or teacher is incredibly significant in helping them deal with what life brings.

If you are a therapist, teacher or a parent wanting to help a child reach their amazing potential, I hope you will find some inspiration at Little Seeds. 





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Awarded Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2007 to study therapeutic foster care programs overseas for children with disabilities.


Co-nominated for National Investment in The Early Years SA Award (NIFTY) 2004






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Henley Beach

South Australia



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